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Starting in 2020, Slipholder, Launch, and Other Facilities Agreements will be attached to your Invoice.

By paying the Invoice you agree that you have read and will abide by those Agreements..

Things to pay attention to when submitting paperwork:

    1) Boat has to be registered in the name of the Boat Club Member, or Member's Spouse.  Any exceptions need to be explained each year, and any jointly registered boats must be in a Club Approved partnership.
    2) All addresses on the registration should match the address that the Club has on file.
    3) If your boat is registered out of State, it must still list your Darien Address, but keep in mind that as per CT State Law "Owner/operators of documented vessels or out-of- state registered vessels (not personal watercraft) may use Connecticut waters for no more than 60 days in a calendar year without registering the subject vessel in the state, thereby invoking the requirement to obtain a Connecticut issued SBC or CPWO."
    4) Registration expiration needs to be for the next year (see example expiration of 2020 for the 2019 boating year)
    1) Name should match member, and address should match the address that the Club has on file.
    2) Declarations page should list $300k minimum of Liability Insurance.
    3) A copy of your Umbrella policy listing at minimum $300k liability insurance is acceptable in lieu of your declarations page.
    4) Expiration of Insurance should be after May 1 of the upcoming boating year (see example Insurance expires 5/19/19 for the 2019 boating season, but this is acceptable because in the Slipholder Agreement (attached to your invoice for 2020), I agree to maintain this level of insurance for the remainder of the boating season.  Any expiration prior to 4/30 will not be accepted and we expect a new, updated certificate.

Click on this link to see an example of the required documents.